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Portable Menstrual Heating Belt

Portable Menstrual Heating Belt

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Introducing our Portable Menstrual Heating Pad Warm Palace Waist Belt – a revolutionary solution designed to bring comforting relief to those challenging days of menstrual discomfort. This innovative device seamlessly combines the soothing power of heat therapy with the portability you need to conquer menstrual cramps and ease the discomfort of dysmenorrhea wherever you go.

Experience a new level of comfort as the heating pad gently wraps around your waist, creating a warm and nurturing sensation that targets menstrual pain. The portable design allows you to wear it discreetly under clothing, providing a comforting embrace that eases cramps and promotes relaxation, making it the perfect companion for women on the move.

This menstrual relief belt features customizable heat settings, allowing you to tailor the warmth to your preference. The compact and rechargeable design ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of heat therapy without being tethered to an outlet, making it ideal for use at home, work, or while traveling.

The Portable Menstrual Heating Pad is not just a remedy for physical discomfort; it's a holistic approach to menstrual well-being. The soft and flexible material ensures a comfortable fit, and the user-friendly controls make it easy to operate, even in the midst of challenging days.

Embrace the freedom to move with confidence during your menstrual cycle – say goodbye to discomfort and hello to soothing warmth. With our Portable Menstrual Heating Pad Warm Palace Waist Belt, empower yourself to take charge of your well-being, one comforting moment at a time.


Multifunctional intelligent palace warmer belt, warm uterus stomach waist abdomen, gently care for your health, it is a must-have for women at home.

PI metal heating far-infrared hot compress, 3 seconds rapid heating, large-scale heating area, continuous constant temperature hot compress, quickly drive away the cold, and effectively relieve menstrual pain.

Three-speed temperature adjustment (50°C, 55°C, 60°C), and four-speed vibration intensity adjustment to adapt to the actual needs of different groups of people in different states.

Effectively promote blood circulation, promote metabolism, regulate the body in multiple directions, improve backache caused by prolonged sitting, and relieve lumbar pain.

    Application: Waist

    Size: Medium

    Material: ABS

    FunctionMenstruation Relief

    Material: ABS 


    Material: ABS Shell Elastic Band

    Gear: 4 Strength Gear 3 Heating Gear

    Rated voltage: 5V

    Charging voltage: 3.7V

    Charging Time:2 Hours(Approx)

    Battery Capacity: 1800mAh Lithium Battery

    Power: 10W

    Recommended Frequency: 2 Times/Day

    Net Size: 7.5" x 3" x1"


    Package Include:

    1 x Massage Machine

    1 x USB Cable

    1 x Packing cloth bag



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