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Sheet Metal Cutter Drill Adaptor

Sheet Metal Cutter Drill Adaptor

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Introducing our Sheet Metal Cutter Drill Adaptor – a game-changer for metalworking enthusiasts and professionals alike. This innovative tool seamlessly transforms your standard drill into a precision sheet metal cutter, providing you with the efficiency and accuracy needed for a wide range of metal cutting applications.

Crafted with durability and precision in mind, our Sheet Metal Cutter Drill Adaptor is designed to tackle various sheet metal thicknesses with ease. The robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable companion for DIY projects, repairs, or professional metalworking tasks.

Effortlessly navigate through sheets of metal as the adaptor's cutting blades smoothly slice through, creating clean and precise edges. The drill attachment allows for quick and controlled cutting, eliminating the need for manual shears or expensive specialized equipment. From HVAC installations to custom metalwork, this adaptor empowers you to achieve professional-level results with the convenience of your drill.

Installation is straightforward, and the compact design provides easy maneuverability, allowing you to make intricate cuts and navigate tight spaces effortlessly. The Sheet Metal Cutter Drill Adaptor is not just a tool; it's a versatile solution for anyone looking to elevate their metalworking capabilities without investing in a dedicated metal cutter.

Upgrade your drill and broaden its capabilities with the Sheet Metal Cutter Drill Adaptor. Precision, power, and efficiency come together in this adaptable tool, making every metal-cutting project a breeze. Say goodbye to tedious manual cutting and welcome the speed and accuracy of our Sheet Metal Cutter Drill Adaptor to your workshop.

1. Made of steel and iron material, strong and wear-resistant, with fine durability and can provide long service time.
2. Sharping blades, can cut 0.8mm thickness of metal plate, wear-resistant, with high cutting efficiency.
3. Do not need touch the cutting end during operation, you will hurt your hands.
4. Easy installation, push to install, save time and effort.
5. Special positioning card slot design, accurate size.
6. No restrictions on the site, easy to carry with you.
7. Applicable to the common 12-21V lithium drill, more widely used.


Name: Drill Plate Cutter
Material: Metal
Scope of application: 12-21V lithium drill
Maximum shear capacity:
Iron sheet 0.3-1 mm
White sheet: 0.3-1.2 mm
Steel: 0.8-1 mm
Copper sheet: 1.5 mm
Aluminium sheet: 1.5 mm
Item size: 5" X 2" X 2"
Item weight: 1LB

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