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Bluetooth RGB LED Mask Programmable

Bluetooth RGB LED Mask Programmable

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Step into the future of expressive fashion with our Bluetooth RGB LED Mask – a cutting-edge blend of technology and style. This innovative mask not only offers protection but also becomes a canvas for your creativity, displaying predefined faces, custom images, and reacting dynamically to audio for a truly immersive experience.

Unleash your artistic side by choosing from a gallery of predefined faces or uploading your own custom images through the easy-to-use Bluetooth interface. Make a statement at events, parties, or performances as the LED mask transforms your face into a vibrant display of personalized art. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to express your mood, style, or message in a way that goes beyond words.

Take your interactive experience to the next level with the audio-reactive feature. Watch in awe as the RGB LEDs pulse and dance in sync with the rhythm of your favorite music or respond dynamically to ambient sounds. The Bluetooth connectivity ensures seamless control, allowing you to adjust settings, colors, and animations with a few taps on your smartphone.

Comfort meets innovation with a lightweight design and adjustable straps, making the Bluetooth RGB LED Mask suitable for extended wear. The rechargeable battery ensures long-lasting performance, ensuring your mask stays as vibrant as your personality throughout the night.

Stand out from the crowd, make a bold statement, and redefine self-expression with our Bluetooth RGB LED Mask. Elevate your personal style, captivate your audience, and immerse yourself in the dynamic world of wearable art. It's more than a mask – it's a canvas for your creativity and a beacon of your individuality.

APP Name: Shining Mask

The screen will show the charging status when charging, when finish charging will display full .

Press the power button, and then cover the sensor switch with the hand, when display '' OK '' in the screen, then can use gestures to change the screen picture.



Mask Material: PVC

Age Group: Youth - Adults

Model Number: US-RGB-MASK

Cover Area: Full Face

Battery : 2000mAh 103450 Polymer Battery

(Built-in lithium battery can be charged

Product Material:ABS+PVC lens+Silica gel

Input voltage/current : 5 V/1A

Charging type:Type-c interface charging

lithium battery Charge time : 5 hours

lithium battery Use time : 12 hours

Product size: 8" X 7" X 2"

LED lamp beads: 2074pcs

Pixels: 46*58 (irregular)


Package Included:

x1 Display Mask

x1 English Manual

APP name: Shining Mask

Get Started:

1. Mobile phone can scan the following QR code for download installation, or go to the Google Play/APP Store, search "Shining mask" to download, Scan QR code download APP

2. Turn on "Shining mask" APP, turn on Bluetooth


1. The first time you open APP, you have permission options, please select permission

2. If Android phone can not search for Bluetooth, please check if the location is open!

3. Connection equipment:

Click " "→ Select the mask to control → Click the connection → Click on the blank area to enter the main interface

MASK-XXXXXX was the name of the device searched

4. Text editing

Type text: Click on the preview box → select text color → input text content →OK, you can achieve a single text with different color effect

② Text effect: Set text color, background color, effect (left, right, flicker), speed

5. Animation & Pictures

① Click Animation & Picture, send to mask in real time.

②The picture gallery contains 105 pictures.

③ You can also upload your own photos in DIY


①Customized text: select monochrome or RGB color, fixed, flashing, moving to the left, right, etc. real-time display.

② Local phone pictures or pictures taken can be uploaded to the mask

7. Music rhythm

①Automatically scan the local music and play it. You can choose different rhythm effects.

②Microphone Rhythm: In Rhythm mode, you can recognize other external sounds to control the lighting effect of mask

product details:

Software interface introduction:

New second-generation upgraded version with large eye holes

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